Video Business Card (VBC)


Every business person would tell that the best way to conduct business is face-to-face. Video is the closest thing to it when you are not there to greet every potential client! It's incredible how much we all say without saying a word. Your facial expressions and body language can make or break an interaction and future business opportunities.

Video Business Card is an asset that helps people to emotionally connect with you, your company, your products and services. Your customers want to get to know you, establish trust, increase interest and make their decision-making process easier. Moreover, the Video Business Card is a fantastic way to make a great first impression and we all know - first impression is the lasting impression! If you are honest and passionate this will be showcased in best light possible and people will trust you far more than they would if you presented same message in only written form.

Video Business Card will rapidly educate anyone who lays eyes on it, leaving them inspired and leaving you focused on ex ecution. This is the ideal tool to increase sales on your website, to build relationships and warm-up leads, this will drastically save your time as VBC works 24/7 as your sales person.

Testimonial Videos

If you've ever browsed Tripadvisor to find a place for dinner, or skimmed to the bottom of an Amazon page, you've seen the power of customer reviews. In fact, according to Marketing Land, a whopping 90% of customers are influenced by online reviews. People trust consumer reviews three times more than professional reviews, according to Weber Shandwick.

In short, customers trust other customers. How can you use this influence most effectively for your company? Look no further than the video testimonial.

Video Testimonials are perceived as more authentic than written testimonials. People can put a face and name to who the customers are, instead of reading text that could have been written by the company itself. This tangibility not only gives videos credibility, it also fosters relationship between company and customer.

Testimonial Videos show the satisfaction of past customers and help future customers decide whether or not to purchase your products and services. They have an 89% effectiveness rating - that is an insanely powerful tool for your business!

Restaurant Videos

Restaurant video marketing has never been more important that it is right now. Last year, approximately 75% of internet traffic was video-based (link opens external website), now around 80% and by the end of the year it is predicted to increase to 87%.

This means that if you want your restaurant marketing to get noticed, you need to use video in some capacity. Video impacts everyone - just in different ways. Traditional television viewing remains consistently high for those aged 50 and above, while Youtube reaches more 18-49 year olds.

But there's a catch. Customers have high expectations from videos having grown up on movies and television where creative professionals from many fields work together and production cost is crazy high. Secondly, people spend much more time watching entertaining material than educational / informational (though How-To's are big) and even less, purely commercial content. Customers don't want to hear your sales pitch just as they don't choose to watch ads (unless they are funny, etc.). Actually, restaurant video marketing works best when it gets customers excited about brand through indirect means.

Event Videos

A Brand represents the name and the identity of an organization which consumers will recognize and associate with. In the business world, branding is part of the marketing strategy which in this digital era there are more options and channels to advertise and promote the brand to potential customers.

The main reason why event video marketing is so successful is based on the fact that people tend to prefer watching the video than reading content online. As most online users find it easier to watch a short two or three-minute video than spending five to ten minutes to read and understand the contents. Thus videos are very effective in getting the interest and the attention of the viewers, especially if the marketing videos are well produced.

Since consumers tend to comment on videos they watch as compared to articles online, producing a video for the event video will make the audience to engage more with the brand. As it is proven that higher engagement will increase better brand loyalty, recognition and promotion for the company.


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